EA developed design techniques to integrate functions in the antenna gimbal. All EA’s antenna groups have integrated electronic control units for LOS stabilization, command and control. Recently, RF front ends have also been integrated (power amplifiers and LNAs, diplexers, and filters) for datalink applications.

The main advantages of Active Front-End integrated into the gimbal are:

  • Volume reduction of the RX/TX section facilitating the configuration layout
  • Minimized losses in the RF links with the antenna (leaves the full degree of freedom to the aircraft manufacturer for installing/placing on board the Rx/Tx unit)
  • Improvement of the range in air-ground communication


EA developed products in X, Ku, and Ka-Band using state-of-the-art RF technology. EA pedestals/gimbals are two axes degree of freedom with an extensive range (up to +/-90° in azimuth nose mounted equipment and up to +/-30° in elevation for attitude compensation).

Also, belly mounted solutions are available with 360° azimuth range. All EA gimbals are designed to support different antenna sizes. The use of additive manufacturing implements mass minimization.