Governance And Values

Our corporate culture is built on a solid set of values and principles. We ask every member of our organization to commit to sharing these daily.

The values in which Elettronica Aster believes and is inspired by the following:

Client orientation

We owe a large part of our success to our customers, and our overriding focus is, and always will be, on anticipating and fulfilling their needs and expectations.


Excellence and innovation

This combination has allowed us to reach our goals and establish a competitive advantage in a challenging market.


Our people

Achieving our objectives is a team effort. Every individual plays an active part in making Elettronica Aster a place where we are proud to work, learn and achieve shared results.



Demonstrating our values of transparency, loyalty, honesty, and integrity is just as important internally as externally. The relationships we enjoy with our customers directly reflect our commitment to maintaining high safety and reliability standards.



In the years to come, sustainability will be a key business driver to succeed in market competition and the transformation of corporate models: nowadays, many companies place social and environmental impact at the heart of their business strategies.

We have realized that corporate sustainability also creates an opportunity for business growth: consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, investors are rewarding companies with credible sustainability plans in the financial markets, energy transformation, and green technology are becoming one of the main drivers to support the development of countries, and finally, the welfare industry is a driving sector in all mature economies.

Threefold sustainability inspires our products and facility. We put our best effort into designing and manufacture products and apply processes characterized by the low impact on the environment, fair prices, and long-lasting use. To achieve these results, we constantly monitor the whole value chain of our products according to the highest quality standards.