Radar Subsystems

Elettronica Aster has a long tradition in manufacturing radar sub-assemblies and, mainly, over the years, has developed deep knowledge in all design/manufacturing processes related to antenna arrays and w/g components.

Airborne Radars & Datalink Products

EA has developed several airborne radar subassemblies for different platforms. Few examples may include the Tornado TFR Antenna Receiver or F-104 R21G Antenna & Gimbal.


EA developed design techniques to integrate functions in the antenna gimbal. All EA’s antenna groups have integrated electronic control units for LOS stabilization, command and control. Recently, RF front ends have also been integrated (power amplifiers and LNAs, diplexers, and filters) for datalink applications.


EA design and develops antennas, mainly slotted waveguide arrays for airborne applications in X and Ku Bands with different sizes. Also, two channels monopulse function is available @ 1GHz bandwidth for the most recent products.