Control Electronics

Elettronica Aster has the skill to design and manufacture under Customers Specification control electronics devices for military applications.

Examples of this design-to-spec capability are the Eurofighter's Chaff and Flare Dispenser Electronic Unit or the NH-90's Floor Winch Control Unit.

EA electronic assembly processes include automatic pick&place for SMT and X-Ray inspection.

Ancillary to the manufacturing processes of circuit card assemblies are other technologies such as coating (silicon or Parylene), bonding, vacuum bonding, vacuum potting, and mounting traditional through-hole component.

Elettronica Aster also has a long tradition of manufacturing complex cabling for military aerospace (i.e., the Flare Loom for the EFA Flare Breech).

Control Boxes & Cabling

EA includes among its skills the manufacturing and testing of complex cabling and control boxes.


EA offers design and manufacturing services for gyroscopes equipped with MEMS sensors.