Hydraulic Systems

EA design, develop, and manufacture complete hydraulic systems for fixed and rotary-wing applications.

Among the products in the current portfolio, the company is specialized in rotor actuators, rotor brake systems, reservoirs, hydraulic power packs, and miscellanea utility actuation and valves.

Hydraulic Actuators

EA specializes in primary flight controls of fixed and rotary-wings aircraft.


Over the years, EA has developed a consolidated experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of various hydraulic reservoirs and accumulators.

Hydraulic Power Packs

EA has developed a wide experience in the integration of complex functions into hydraulic manifolds for the use of many airborne hydraulic systems.

Rotor Brake Systems

EA develops rotor brake systems, including rotor brake, hand pump assembly, and oil filling valves.

Hydraulic Valves

Few examples may include Shut-Off Valves, Landing Gear Control Valves, Landing Gear Free Caster Valves, Progressive Pressure Control Valves, and Anti-Skid Control Valves.