Product Support (MRO)

Elettronica Aster has a long tradition in MRO activities for military equipment (hydraulics and electronics) for Government agencies (i.e., NATO - NSPA) or directly the Italian Air Force or other main Customers.

Elettronica Aster considers the MRO as a strategic area of growth for both their hydraulic and electronic equipment.

Examples from the history of MRO for electronic equipment are:

  • MRCA Tornado - LRU8, LRU4
  • F104 - R21G Antenna and gimbal, Navigation Computer Inertial Plaform
  • AMX - Pointer Radar Antenna, Cockpit Interface Unit, Data Transfer Module
  • AWACKS - Navigation Inertial Platform


Example from the history of MRO for hydraulic equipment:

  • G222 - Nose Landing Gear
  • F104 - Nose Landing Gear
  • HH3F - Landing Gear
  • ATR - Oil Reservoirs


Currently, Elettronica Aster has a dedicated MRO line which covers:

Eurofighter platform for Captor M, the FLIR, The MDLR, and the Chaff and Flare Dispenser) or the F-35. The Indian (Hindustan Ltd) Advanced Light Helicopter, the Light Combact Helicopeter and soon the Light Utility Helicopter.