Control Electronics

Elettronica Aster has the skill to design and manufacture under Customers Specification control electronics devices for military applications.

Radar Subsystems

Elettronica Aster has a long tradition in manufacturing radar sub-assemblies and, mainly, over the years, has developed deep knowledge in all design/manufacturing processes related to antenna arrays and w/g components.

Power Electronics

The EA Power Electronic Division is mainly focused in the Development, Qualification, Manufacturing, Series Production and Product Support of avionic, electric and electronic equipment in the Aerospace Industry operating under Isocomp Elettronica brand.

Hydraulic Systems

EA design, develop, and manufacture complete hydraulic systems for fixed and rotary-wing applications.


EA has a well equipped machining department, which includes milling and spark erosion.

Test Benches

EA develops electronic and hydraulic test benches for various applications, including testing design-to-spec equipment.

Homeland Security&Surveillance

EA is responsible for the the installation of Remote Asset Security Systems for the Italian Armed Forces, providing a range of equipment to protect various ground-based assets in temporary or permanent locations.