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In order to satisfy customer-specific requirements, EA has acquired a special capability in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers are cold plates used for cooling electronic components, thanks to a liquid solution. Heat is transferred from hot electronic components to the surface of an aluminum plate and from there to the cooling liquid which flows in a coil.

A cover plate is usually bonded or dip brazed to the cold plate, forming a flow path for the cooling fluid which contacts the surface.  This technique results in the best heat transfer.  Such processes used by EA engineers are the result of previous experience in bonding and brazing radar antenna components.

The cold plate surface is precision machined to ensure thermal contact with hot electronic components.

To ensure efficient functionality, EA employs special production techniques such as bonding, welding, and dip or vacuum brazing.  Each process is carefully evaluated step-by-step to ensure the highest product quality.

The plates are developed for aerospace electronics using Coolanol 25R or Poliyalphaolefin (PAO) as coolant fluid.  Aluminum plates are joined by vacuum brazing technology and verified by EA technicians to be 100% leak-free.

The specific construction process, allows EA to produce very thin-wall plates (1.5 mm) while maintaining a high degree of stiffness.  The result is a lightweight, very efficient plate with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. All fittings are provided for hydraulic connection.

New applications are also studied.