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EA operates a thoroughly modernized and highly capable precision machining facility for manufacturing and finishing aerospace mechanical and electro-mechanical parts. Our manufacturing capability includes:

  • CNC machining centers
  • 5-axis high speed palletized CNC machining centers
  • Multi-axis high speed CNC lathing
  • High precision CNC lathing
  • High speed palletized CNC milling
  • Conventional machining centers
  • Cutting
  • Linear, external, internal, center-less grinding
  • Drilling, boring, honing, lapping and broaching
  • Threading
  • CNC programming (CAD-CAM)


The facility also includes:

  • Sand blasting
  • Shot peening
  • 5-axis CNC and conventional spark-erosion machining


Metallic materials routinely manufactured at EA are wrought and cast aluminum alloys, all kinds of steel (from low alloys to precipitation hardening to austenitic stainless), brass, beryllium-copper and titanium alloys.

EA is experienced in machining and finishing polymeric materials like fiberglass, Plexiglass®, Teflon® and Rexolite®.  Our manufacturing capabilities also include fixtures and jigs for complicated geometry products, like thin wall aluminum cast alloys items.

Typical applications like antenna parts, inertial components and hydraulic parts have given EA the expertise to machine to extremely high precision grades with dimensional tolerances up to 1/100th mm and coupling tolerances less than 5 microns.

The machining facility includes a system for paint finishes (primers and topcoats) in accordance with military specifications.