Power Electronics

The EA Power Electronic Division is mainly focused in the Development, Qualification, Manufacturing, Series Production and Product Support of avionic, electric and electronic equipment in the Aerospace Industry operating under Isocomp Elettronica brand.

The Division's experience on avionic units is mainly referenced to the design, development and verification of power electronics unit, mainly applied to the power management for heating parts, power conversion systems and motor/generators drives.

The back experience includes different technical and architectural solutions, from microprocessor architecture to hardware-only solutions based on simple hardware, designing system characterized by digital and analogue management of different family of sensors, high processing capability and knowledge of Avionic Data Bus interfaces.

The EA Power Electronic Division has designed power electronic units at the state of the art for power and thermal management solutions (SiC MOSFET, IMS power boards, Heat pipes, Enhanced Heatsink Systems), paying particular attention to the avionic design key-points as safety and reliability constraints, weight and envelope dimensions reduction, EMI/EMC compliance.

The Division is capable to support the avionic parts Qualification process through the management and direct execution of the type test procedures as per RTCA DO-160G standard.


Power Converters

IE has designed and developed a range of power conversion and distribution devices for critical and demanding applications in the aerospace industry.

De-Iceing Systems

Power distribution and protection units have been designed by IE by using state-of-the-art technology with a special focus on powe management applications for main and tail rotor de-icing systems.