Elettronica Aster

Elettronica Aster S.p.A. was founded in 1945 to design and manufacture car radios for the civilian consumer market (Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo). In 1950, EA entered the defense market as a manufacturer of electronic devices for transmission and control applications. EA is a private company with its business offices located in Milan and a production facility in Barlassina.


Design and Development

Our highly skilled and experienced engineering department coordinates closely with Italian universities and research institutes to ensure new ideas, advances and technologies are efficiently explored and adopted.


Environmental, mechanical, electronic laboratories, and dedicated test equipment represent EA facilities guaranteeing constant high-quality products starting from the design and development phase of new products before releasing series production.


Production facilities include modern CNC machining centers, milling machining, electric discharge machining, special processes, assembly and testing equipment capable of supporting electronic and hydraulic manufacturing, assembly and testing of pressurized heat exchangers, cold plates, and more in general primary flight control and electromechanical systems.


Specific areas of the manufacturing plant are dedicated to assembly and testing electronic, mechanical and hydraulic products.

Product Support (MRO)

Elettronica Aster has a long tradition in MRO activities for military equipment (hydraulics and electronics) for Government agencies (i.e., NATO - NSPA) or directly the Italian Air Force or other main Customers.


The EA Calibration & Testing Laboratory has high-quality instruments and standards, performing measurements with very low uncertainties and covering metrological activities in sectors of interest.

est. in Italy


30 (€Mln)

Aerospace & Defense

Railways & Marine


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