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Elettronica Aster has a long tradition in MRO activities for military equipment both hydraulics and electronics for Government agencies (i.e. NSPA) or directly the Italian Air Force or other main Customers

Example from the past history of MRO on electronic devices


Example from the past history of MRO on hydraulic components


Currently, Elettronica Aster, has a dedicated MRO line for own - designed product or build-to-print.

Most important examples are the Eurofighter platform (for the Captor, the FLIR, The MDLR and the Chaff and Flare Dispenser) or the F-35

(AGE - see also "Case History" section on this web site).

The Indian (Hindustan Ltd) Advanced Light Helicopter, the Light Combact Helicopeter and soon the Light Utility Helicopter offer a considerable workload

Elettronica Aster consider the MRO as a strategic area of growth for both their hydraulic and electronic equipment.