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Elettronica Aster has the skill to design and manufacture under Customers Specification electronic devices for military applications

The Chaff and Flare Dispenser Electronic Unit or the Portable Data Storage for the Eurofigher DAC or MDLR respectively are just an example.

MEMS technology gyros for both Land and Aerospace sensors or the Control Unit of The NH-90 Floor Winch are other examples of EA designs that are currently in operation.

EA manufacturing processes include automatic pick/place for SMT, and X-Ray for inspection.
Ancillary to the manufacturing processes of Circuit Cards Assemblies are other technologies such as, the coating (silicon or Parylene), Bonding, vacuum bonding, vacuum potting and mounting traditional through-hole component
Elettronica Aster has also a long tradition in manufacturing of complex cabling for military aerospace (i.e. the Flare Loom for the EFA Flare Breech)