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Elettronica Aster selected among 2700 Leonardo’s supplier as one of the 22 high potential companies for Aerospace to be boosted by Elite Corporate Lounge

20 May 2019

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform you that Elettronica Aster Group (Elettronica Aster and TI&A) has been selected among more than 2700 Leonardo's suppliers as one of the 22 high potential companies for Aerospace & Defense to be boosted by Elite* partnership, which can be considered as a further development of LEAP 2020 Program.

The lounge has been organized by ELITE, London Stock Exchange Group's international business support and capital raising for ambitious and fast-growing companies.

Thanks to an integrated collaboration model, ELITE will offer to "Leonardo Corporate Lounge" companies an international programme of training and mentorship to support the managerial, strategic and governance growth and facilitate their access to funding sources to further boost their growth.

We are proud to remark that selection has been done among a numerous number of applicants as the Leonardo and Elite will support & accelerate the growth of the partecipants.

*For More information refer to https://www.elite-network.com/partners/what-is-elite-partnership