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Elettronica Aster is part of a consortium that was assigned the responsibility for the terrain following radar equipping the MCRA Tornado aircraft, specifically as the OEM of the antenna receiver (LRU8).  Over 800 production units have been successfully delivered to this tri-national program plus its export customers.  To this day, EA continues to provide expert servicing and repair for this important mission equipment.  The experience that EA has accrued in participating in this program has represented one of the most significant milestones in the company’s recent history. 

EA was also selected by the four nation (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Germany) Eurofighter Typhoon consortium as a work-share OEM company for the MDLR PDS and the chaff and flare dispenser programs.

The long EA tradition of being part of a multinational European military program has continued with these important programs and the company strives each day to ensure it continues to successfully meet each challenge.  EA currently supports the Tranche 3 program and is working within the Eurofighter community in meeting export campaign goals.  See www.eurofighter.com for further updates concerning the program.