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Operating within the international defense market requires a comprehensive combination of skill, competence and pride.  As a testament to our company achievement and capability, EA has been selected as a supplier for the two most important European military programs within the last 50 years: the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft, Tornado (www.panavia.de) and the European Fighter Aircraft, Eurofighter Typhoon (www.eurofighter.com). Currently EA is servicing the Tornado for the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany as well as supporting export sales.  In addition, with the Eurofighter in pull production, EA is supporting sales to four nations—United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain.  While next generation fighter aircraft  such as the U.S. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter still represents a challenge for EA, the company continues to edge closer to a supplier contract through a tough “best value” based competition.

Closely linked with each of these three programs, the Italian Air Force represents the end-user and an important customer for Elettronica Aster.  The ITAF successfully deploys and employs many EA-produced products and systems—both within and outside Italy.  EA has established a long and stable relationship with the ITAF for manufacturing and servicing many component parts for its fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Additionally, EA has long been a respected supplier to NAMSA, the NATO agency responsible for military supplies and maintenance.  Recently, the cooperation between NAMSA and EA was enlarged to include homeland security activities for NATO-dedicated Italian military sites.

Finally, since 1992, EA has expanded its operations into South Asia by establishing a mutually beneficial and trusted relationship with the most important Indian aerospace company, Hindustan Aeronautic Limited (Bangalore and Lucknow divisions).