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With decades of experience, EA has completely mastered the aluminum dip brazing process for electronic and hydraulic assemblies.

The process is performed in accordance with MIL-B-7883 Type V (Dip Brazing in salt bath) for the grade needed, using U.S. Department of Defense accepted materials, procedures and pre/post treatments.

Aluminum assemblies are processed by making use of AWS A5.8 qualified filler metals: standard products used are either metal shims or powder premixed with AWS A5.31 qualified fluxes.

Pre/post brazing treatments include assembly cleaning, deoxidizing and flux removal through an array of galvanic baths, and fixturing.

Fixtures dedicated to the particular application are designed and manufactured in EA.

Being part of the brazing process, the pre-heating furnace gives EA the capability to achieve or restore the desired heat treatment for aluminum alloys in accordance with MIL-H-6088; galvanic facility includes a chromate conversion coating process in accordance with MIL-C-5541, and low temperature passivation of corrosion resistant steels in accordance with QQ-P-35.

The size of the brazing oven at EA is 1200 x 1200 x 900mm.

Typical EA brazing operations range from waveguide assemblies to pressurized heat exchangers and cold plates.  All have successfully qualified to military standards and design specifications under all prescribed functional requirements and environmental extremes.